Who We Are

An independent creative studio

With storytelling at its core

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We act as both a strategic and creative resource to our clients at every step of the process

We document, translate and communicate our client’s narrative through visual communication. Working from concepts to production combining the practice of brand strategy, brand identity design, copywriting, graphic design, art direction, and photography, with the sole ambition to ensure that our clients reach their full potential.

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The greatest threat to people, and to business

is the lack of creativity and imagination.

We help brands to identify intelligent, beautiful, and imaginative ways to interact with their audiences.

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Who You'll Be Partnering With

rahal ymour

Rachael Seymour in London
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Are a blend between research-backed strategy and creativity, resulting in timeless and enduring brands. Our signature style lies in the intersection of editorial typography and photographic storytelling to create immersive brand worlds.


The founding director Rachael has many years of expertise in the field of creative communication. Having started her career with a degree in architecture, and with several years of solid industry experience working in design, marketing and communication in some of the top brand agencies in London. Rachael has a skill set that uniquely balances both the physical and digital worlds to bring content with unmistakable quality.

Her experience ranges from working with brands such as Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, GOSH, Formroom, Skoda, My John Lewis as well as emerging brands such as Signature Events, and CalmBalm.

Brands We Have

worked with

  • Great Ormond Street
  • Skoda
  • VW
  • Guide Dogs
  • Formroom
  • Hunu
  • John Lewis
  • Grey Goose
  • Bombay Sapphire
  • Bentall Centre
  • Borough Yards

Kind Words

Rachael is an absolute delight to work with. She is incredibly driven, focussed and brought infectious enthusiasm to the project. Her commitment, aptitude, and artistry make Rachael a clinquant designer. Her cognitive stretch allows her to think both strategically and conceptually, allowing her work to be both well-executed and beautifully designed. Rachael's attention to detail is first class, and I was utterly impressed with the depth and substance of her research. I very much look forward to working with her on future projects as the business grows.

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