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Brand identity + art direction + web design

A signature

That's Unmistakably Yours

Working with michelin-starred chefs and world-class sommeliers at the peak of their careers, signature uses unparalleled craft, planning and expertise to create exclusive private events around the world. Our work started with defining their strategy and evolving their voice to create a distinctive and progressive brand. Establishing clarity around their purpose and what makes them different was the first step, the second was connecting this with the content they show the public. We saw an opportunity for signature to own the space and become an authority figure within the sector.


Crafted Personal Service

We crafted a marque which elegantly draws parallels with their values and events. The crane, a symbol of loyalty, happiness, lifelong partnerships and good fortune accurately reflects the spirit of the brand, whilst the execution of the marque echoes the refinement, craft and progressive nature of the service signature provides.


From Every Angle

It was important that signature's visual communication style was free from any stereotypical connections to the sector - it had to be rooted in their authenticity, creativity, and ambition focused around people, provenance, and place. We devised a visual language that documented the origins, culture and history of culinary dishes, and articulated this through playful and ownable still life photography - taking a conscious decision to always leave something to the audience’s imagination. Conceptual, artistic and disruptive visual stories were told that intellectually stood out in the mainstream sea of catering. From creative concepts through to art-direction and web design the overarching brand is one of theatre and exploration, creating a new visually exciting archetype for discerning clients.

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