The Client


Brand identity + packaging + print


The Art of Floristry

The founder approached us to create a more confident and emotive visual expression of her individual style. Our approach was to take the attributes deep-rooted with floristry, and re- express that through all aspects of the visual identity from logo, typography and colour.


means everything to us

We took the founder’s favourite flower, the papaver cambricum and created an insignia that delicately weaves itself through the identity.

The Power

of seeds

Almost all the flower varieties are grown from seed. From a little paper packet come rows and rows of flowers which go on and fill buckets of beautiful blooms for bouquets, centerpieces and arrangements all season long, filling the homes and providing beauty for the events of clients. We were fascinated and inspired by the idea of a single black and white seed transforming into a floret of opalescence, and this became the force behind a largely monochromatic identity.